Monday, March 4, 2013

Author's note


As you can see I haven't blogged much at all. Truth to be told, I have kind of let go of this blog. I don't see the point in blogging. I have no motivation at all. From the beginning this blog was meant to be a photo-blog. It kind of has been, just not in the way I've wanted it to be. At this point I don't know what to do with this blog. I'll probably delete it sometime in the future, just like I did with my old blogs.

Truth to be told, I rarely photograph anymore. I haven't touched my camera in ages. And that really hurts. I know I have that special fire buried deep inside of me, but it's afraid of coming out. The fire has nothing to feed on. This country extinguish any little flame that dares to come out. Sweden has never been the place for me. Not a home, just a place where I live and where my family and some of my friends live. I've felt like this as long as I can remember.

 I have plans on moving away from Sweden. There's a chance I might move to Tokyo next spring and study. Or Hong Kong, London or New York. I love London and New York. When I'm there, oh man...The fire burns.  It feeds on every little thing! The smells, the sounds, the tastes, the views. It never goes hungry. I feel so alive in a city that never sleeps.

 If my fire extinguishes, I am nothing in this world.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

6:59 AM

I’ve been told
that people in the army
do more by 7:00 am
than I do
in an entire day
but if I wake
at 6:59 am
and turn to you
to trace the outline of your lips
with mine
I will have done enough
and killed no one
in the process.
- Shane Koyczan
I do not own this picture