Saturday, March 10, 2012

Voluptuous women

(I do NOT own these pictures! All of them are found on Tumblr!)

Illustrations like these just makes me want to sit on my floor and smoke Czech cigarettes, drink vodka from the bottle while trying to draw something as incredible as this. 

My whole body is yearning after a good pen and a piece of paper! It's like I'm almost horny! Hahahaha!
But the thing is, for many years now I have felt no motivation at all when it comes to drawing. I've felt no creativity when I pick up my pen. I used to draw a lot as a kid so it made me sad that I couldn't draw anymore.

But now I feel like I am ready to pick up my pen! In fact, I will start right now! Though I have to skip out the cigarettes and vodka this time, haha. 

I've always been fascinated with female characters with voluptuous bodies. The small waist, big breats, wide hips, thick lips and seductive eyes. That was the way I drew my girls even back as a kid. The beautiful human body and sex was so interesting. I remember drawing James Bond having sex with one of his damsels. I was about 10 years old when I drew that picture during class.

Women like Rogue and Storm has always been interesting to me. I remember watching X-Men The Animated Series every morning before middle-school. I was always stunned by Rogue and Storm's beauty. To me they were perfect. Jubilee never caught my eye really because she wasn't woman enough in my opinion. I didn't feel the same attraction towards her like I did with the other female characters. 

Speaking of X-Men The Animated Series! Yesterday I decided to watch it again. It's FANTASTIC that has every episode and season. I just wish the site would stop acting like a bitch!!

OK, hehe. I'm just gonna go draw now!
Wish me luck~

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  1. Sv: Åh jag har verkligen ingen aning om vad den klubben hette, men den låg någonstans i 2 chome i Shinjuku. Det är Tokyos gaydistrikt så där finns massvis av klubbar och barer:)