Friday, November 9, 2012

Skåneland du knäppa land

Last week I went to visit my cousin who lives in Skåne. I felt like I needed a little break from everything, so why not visit her? After all, I had not seen her for at least six months. I had really missed her. We have always had a strong bond between us. And then one day she left. I took it pretty hard but I know the reasons why she left.

She hugged me tight when she saw me and kept saying that she couldn't believe I was 'here'. We had a long chat about everyone and everything. Memories were shared and a lot of cigarettes were smoked. Just like the good old days.

And time really passed by too quickly. Suddenly I was back on the flight going up north. At least I got a chance to visit Denmark! It was late at night as we suddenly decided to take the train Copenhagen.
Surprisingly, not many pictures were taken during my days down south.

Had a date with Thor!

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