Friday, October 11, 2013


Last weekend my friends and I went to YOHIO's final concert in Stockholm. Not to see him but to see GACKT, haha, who was the guest star of the show.
The concert was actually boring and.. I don't know.. laughable I guess? It's just not my cup of tea. I think the atmosphere itself ruined it for me. I was surrounded by glittery-pinkish 12 year olds who screamed and cried as soon as YOHIO opened his mouth. I'm used to head banging and sweaty, half-naked, sexy Japanese men screaming profanity and spraying you wet with water from their mouths.

But still, I don't regret going. It was great to meet up with old friends again and to see GACKT live (for the 4th time, hehe) once more. Too bad my visit in Stockholm was short. I only stayed the night. God, I miss it already...

With Markus Aurelius and Alice
There he is <3

(Yes, you were allowed to take pictures. Can you imagine how angry I was? If I had known this I would've taken my camera with me!!)

It was awesome to meet Aurora and Caroline again! They came all the way from Norway just to see Devil King Gackt  hahaha

Back 'home' to Skåne.

One of the songs they sang together (video not taken by me)

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  1. Ohh it's a pity that the concert was boring but the most important thing is that you were able to see GACKT. I'm happy for you. ^_^

  2. SV: Ja det har han en gång ^^ Det var en dokumentär om kpop. Dock fick dom bara godkänande att prata med en av dom på SM YG ville inte vara med för ta risken att det kanske blev fel sa en kompis till mig men man fick se lite små bilder av big bang och SHINee och 2ne1 och några till men man fick mest se Rain för man fick följa han lite runt i korea och så fickman höra hans historia fram till idag och jag grät och grät för han hade det så hårt och svårt.